Smart work

Smart work solutions for increased productivity – work smart, not hard.

We are specialised in smart solutions in furniture industry. Make your furniture smart and convenient. Your furniture should be adjusted to your needs – you should not adjust to your furniture.

Smart work – delivering smart and connected furniture

Solving inconvenience caused by traditional furniture

Traditional furniture is not up to date with the modern needs and causes inconvenience, messy desks and nights stands with bunch of cables

Modernise your furniture for more convenient work life

Problems: Hotel rooms with no available electrical outlet (outdated design); night stands and work desks full of wires and chargers, not thinking on client’s needs

Smart work transforms furniture to connected devices

We implement smart devices into existing furniture or design and produce smart furniture which fulfils modern market needs by integrating technology into high quality wood made industrial style woodwork.

Customise to fit your needs

  • LED backlight
  • Power chargers
  • USB type A and C
  • Wireless chargers

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